4th of July


A dove is nesting our avocado tree, inches from the dinner table on the deck.  To judge from our conversation, it may as well be Kate Middleton.


And as the eggs prepared to hatch, casual fare (mixed grill) and neon claws for the 237th birthday.



I tried a hack of the excellent chocolate dessert at Greens and Vines, by combining equal parts coconut butter and cacao powder with a little sugar (they use agave) and chilling in a springform pan.  Fudgelike, featherlight and delicious– and such an antimatter-dense concentration of calories and dollars that NASA rang while we were finishing dessert.


Happy Birthday, USA.Image


Granny Green

Granny Green

Home- and hand-made Granny Smith apple sauce.

  1. Wash and chop apples.  (I left the peels on)
  2. Put them in a big pot with a little water
  3. Bring everything to a boil, then simmer until completely soft.
  4. Run apples through food mill.



Snapshots from the new year. A schoolyard hen.

Backyard carpeted with avocado petals after February’s high winds.


Gao in homeroom. Running a knife through the quivering cake– still warm– made me realize I have not dealt with this stuff since New Haven.  The cold metal PO boxes; the Scotch tape; the careful penmanship from a great-aunt’s hand; the leathery puck.  Nian-nian-gao-sheng: to raise oneself up each year.


30-ish candles and a 1983 Napa, sentiment atop sediment.  (That’s the glass!)


And now the kapu season.  Squidless and sober until I return from Hilo.



Ozoni 2013


The new year and the sweet beans. By my count, this is the sixteenth January 1st we’ve enjoyed in the same excellent company.  The formula has not changed, but the ladle has passed from grandmother to granddaughters; and as I remember it our conversation wasn’t always so focused on pregnancies.

There are more than 40 dishes on the menu requiring hundreds of ingredients. We asked, half kidding, if there was a three-ring binder detailing an execution plan for the entire operation. There is:


Tasks for days.  And carefully-indexed recipes for everything, though our hostess cautioned that some of the traditional fare rely on a few unwritten touches.  (But there are no secrets! she insisted).  They offered to teach me a few next year, and I leapt at the chance, but my winter vacation usually is not so constructive.




After a balmy 12/31/12, it is a cold and wet 1/1/13.  At the beginning of the holidays I tried a vegan pumpkin pie on Food52 and through the season the leftover coconut butter has sat on my countertop as a little thermometer: clear and runny when warm, and cloudy white when cool.  Today it is like snow.


This is the 100th post on FoodisForever.  The first was also about ozoni.