Bittersweet Torte, Matcha Buttercream

The birthday cake that fell and stayed home from the party. Rose Levy Beranbaum dark chocolate torte with matcha buttercream center and ganache to glaze. After its Humpty Dumpty trick (all the king’s horses, etc.) it was unsuitable for a celebration but more than fine to follow the leftovers the next evening.

Pretty simple prep: Make two rounds of a fudgy chocolate cake and mix 1/4 tsp of matcha powder into some buttercream.  Seal the rounds together with buttercream and glaze with dark chocolate ganache.  For something this sweet, you might want to go bold with the cacao; I used 100% for the glaze and tempered it just slightly with a little corn syrup.  Final touch is to drop it on its head… 😉


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