This week, an unbroken string of rare Honolulu nights–clear, cold, and full of stars.  We celebrated with soup.

Last week, Jeff was remembering Tuscan winters and the hearty ribollitas that warmed them.  Telepathically, Heidi Swanson posted this recipe on 101cookbooks, and when my CSA box arrived full of leafy greens, it was a done deal.

Dried garbanzos, soaked two days in cold water and simmered overnight, took the place of cannellini. Kale and collards to fortify.  Topped with chopped oily black olives (Heidi’s idea) and lemon zest (ibid), sausage, and parsley pesto; bolstered with acini di pepe; laced with spicy EV olive oil from Julia, this was a fantastic mate for a malbec merlot.


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