National Pie Day

Saturday, January 23rd was National Pie Day— the kind of occasion I can count on missing, and count on my friend Jason for wanting to celebrate.

He verified in the American Pie Council rulebook that pizzas were an acceptable way to observe the Day, and we took the excuse to unshelve long-waitlisted cooking dreams:

1.  Peter Reinhardt’s pizza dough.  (Heidi Swanson calls the recipe  “perfect.”)

2.  Indian fusion cooking.

3.  Unagi, which had surfaced, clock ticking, from the depths of my mother’s pantry in an early bout of spring cleaning.

The two favorites: unagi and brie, with a dusting of mozzarella, Japanese eggplant caviar, and (post-oven) avocado and a squeeze of lime; and chicken tikka masala on a “chapati” crust, which was Reinhardt’s dough with atta subbed for bread flour, and ghee in place of olive oil.

We made eight pies–they went fast.  I don’t think we even got plates down on the table.  😛


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