Easter: Aioli Plate

For the “green” salad, I’m going to propose an aioli plate, something one reads about on just about every other page of any Alice Waters cookbook.  (Whenever I cook from a Chez Panisse book, I always half expect Step 2 of any recipe to end with “Or stop here, and simply serve as part of an aioli plate.”  Right?)  A while back there was a NYT video about shopping for vegetables with Alice Waters, at the Greenmarket.  She spoke about letting the produce talk to you, and if memory serves me right, the garlic spoke very persuasively that day–it said aioli plate.

Aha!  Yes.  Here it is. 🙂  Beautiful!  (And my goodness, what a haul.)

Here, grilled vegetables from Easter ’09 (the ever-present asperges, above),and ’08 (Molokai baby eggplant, below).

Dry run to follow.


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