Easter: Double Shot

The three major holidays–Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter–belong to three different men in my father’s clan.  Uncle Jeff and his family always host Christmas Eve dinner, which invariably includes two fantastic roasts, a pea salad with water chestnuts,  and a green salad tossed an hour and 45 minutes after the party starts by Dori.  Uncle Alan and his family host Thanksgiving lunch, per tradition: smoky char siu noodles, turkey and stuffing, sushi, and about 25 other dishes.  Easter brunch resides with us, and our formula is pretty loose but centers arounds lamb, asparagus, an eggy dish (like a frittata or strata) and baked goods.  This year we’re trying, hard, to keep the spread lean: three salads (fruit, green, grain); lamb; egg.  “And lox,” said Mom.  “And,” despite my objections, “baking.”  My parents, true to form, will spend the next month calculating infinite permutations and deciding nothing.  I, characteristically, will exhaustively and expensively vet options in the kitchen.  While I gear up to do this, I thought I’d start posting dishes from Easters past.  Here, flourless (bean-based!!) and espress’ive brownies from 101cookbooks.  This was a gamble for the crowd (Easter ’08) but extremely well received by coffee lovers.


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