Easter: Dry Run

I recruited a few friends for a “dry run” brunch, the week before Easter.  I wanted to gauge how a group of a certain size would move, and serve (themselves), and dine in my setup; and to play with a few grain salads.  And linger over a long meal with friends.

I’ll dish on each dish in upcoming posts but here’s the menu:

Saffron quinoa with sundried tomatoes and black olives.
Wheatberries with whiskey figs, pulled pork and chipotle chevre.
Pearled barley and fried shallots, mache, and grilled peaches.

“Eggs benedict” bread pudding, by Jason. Brilliant. +Sriracha= over the top.

Lox “minipua”- tiny brioche manapua with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, chives.

Dim sum.
Local beets, ice-cold Kau orange rounds, horseradish yogurt.

Blueberry lemon poundcake (the classic).
Nearly flourless brownies.


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