Whiskey Fig

Wheatberries stagger out of saloon doors in the arms of smoky chipotle-laced goat cheese, pulled smoked pork, chopped cilantro, a whiskey vinaigrette, and boozy figs and golden raisins.  What a salad!

The calimyrna figs and golden raisins are soaked overnight in whiskey and brown sugar; a little of the liquid is reserved for the dressing.

The whiskey might seem a little strong for brunch, but the real intoxicator here is the chipotle chevre– and it couldn’t be simpler.  Mash adobo sauce, from a can of chipotle, into the cheese, and spoon into the salad.  It’s lovely if you can toss it without breaking the crumbles, but delicious even if they do relax into the grain.

Original recipe (sans pork, and figs) at 101cookbooks.


One thought on “Whiskey Fig

  1. Your photographs are gorgeous! I have an irrational aversion to figs because of the appearance of its insides, but your description and photos make it all sound so decadent.

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