Chocolate Pupuka

Some of my friends have this thing about calling really cute babies “pupuka.”  (Literally, “ugly.”)  I don’t fully understand the superstition, but this ugly little cake —with its bite-enticing soft flesh like the tender thighs of so many newborns — seems to fit the bill.

I made two, for a potluck at Chris’ house.

Started with this recipe for nearly-flourless brownies.  Looked like this.  Decadent, and… cavity-causing.  Wanted to lighten things up and slide into (or at least toward) the realm of cake.  So I made the formula a little less flourless, and compensated with darker chocolate, and more cocoa powder.  Made one big 8″ cake and two little 4″ pucks… you know, to make sure the experiment went right.

I had some aging strawberries and a quarter cup of cream that was marching towards yogurt, so the big boy got the royal treatment with a slick of ganache and crown of fruit.  It looked like a protea:

But the “ugly” cake was my favorite.  Look at it up there!  Its chubby little cheeks, just dying for a bite.  Ka pupuka!  🙂

Chocolate Pupuka

Adapted from Gourmet via Roost Blog.

1.  Melt, together: 1/2 cup butter, 9 oz. dark chocolate.

2.  To chocolate mixture, add: 2 cups sugar, 1 tsp vanilla.  Whisk.  Let cool.

3.  Continue whisking, and add: 5 large eggs, until smooth and sexy.

4.  Continue whisking, and add: 1 cup all purpose flour, 1/2 cup unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp salt.

5.  Bake 30 minutes in springform pan, 350F.

6.  Drizzle with ganache (melt chocolate in cream, thin with milk) and lay strawberry slices on thick.


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