The Rain

Easter Sunday brought heavy downpours to Oahu–the kind that make you want to linger, not cook.  No problem for this make-ahead brunch menu, which was all but on the table when I woke to the sound of rain.

For the barley salad: the barley was cooked, and dressed, and zipped in the fridge.  The shallots were caramelized yesterday and the golden tomatoes had the common decency to arrive in my kitchen already roasted and seasoned (Whole Foods olive bar).  Chopped a fistful (well, near armful) of parsley from my doorstep, and tossed it all with mache rosettes and cranberries.  In another life, I’ll make this again with toasted pinenuts, and strips of chicken.

Lox was good to go, with chives and cream cheese, matzo, and a handful of French Breakfast radishes to garnish.

Lamb, better yet: I didn’t have to do a thing.  Dad brought it ready to go, with a beautiful strata.

With the green salad, I kept it simple and very, very local: lettuce from the lanai and accoutrements that were already on the kitchen counter: a handful of slivered almonds and another of the cranberries.  (The cranberries, from Kale’s, were perfect: lightly-sweet and succulent with apple juice, instead of syrup).

Like Mary Poppins, Mom pulled cheese and dyed eggs and strawberries and sliced melon and a tray of asparagus out of her bag.  Desserts arrived with guests.

Warm and bright and out of the rain, we had a lovely brunch with close family and hot coffee.  Happy Easter!


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