Thyme on My Side

Tonight I unpacked my box after an hour in the water, and it was already late, and I was at Julia’s new bachelorette pad and there was a well-risen batch-elorette of pizza dough on an original 1956 Eero Saarinen dining table.  We piled the pizza with sliced medjool dates, ribbons of prosciutto, leftover fried shallots and roasted tomatoes, mild-creamy barely-blue cheese crumbles and, at the last instant, little pinches of the CSA thyme.  Straordinario.  (One side also got a thin foundation of ricotta as an experiment–the side without was more focused and delicious.)

Besides the truckload of salad mix, here’s the rest of the CSA loot for this week:

French Breakfast radishes, flowering daikon, tiny beets, collards, Italian herb mix, lettuce…

…baby kale, eggplants, cilantro, komatsuna, daikon again, and next week’s box awaiting reuse. 🙂

It is organic and $30/box.  There are lower-priced vegetables out there, but I stand by Alice Waters: food’s “proper price includes the cost of preserving the environment and paying fairly for the labor of the people who produce it.”


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