Favas, and May Flowers

At long last.  My last taste of a fresh fava bean was in June 2004, at Cafe Sheinkin in Auckland, New Zealand.  I ate Sunday brunch there every weekend, and almost invariably ordered the fava hummus.  It was an extraordinary paste: green, garlicky, bracing, in a moat of shocking-pink beet juice framed by a ring of bruschetta toasts.  A perfect, perfect weekend breakfast.

For some reason I can’t find fresh favas in Hawaii but the vines I planted at Christmas have finally yielded fruits, if precious few.  The next and most pressing decision in my life is whether to prepare a hummus, in the manner of Chez Panisse (a promising recipe, with thyme) or to cook them in their original beauty.  I feel strongly inclined to toss them with spaghetti.

Other garden goings-on: Meyer Lemons:

…which have, it seems, more flowers than leaves, an energetically unbalanced equation if nothing changes come summer.  Also going strong: sage, and parsley, and basil, and rosemary.  The green onions have set seed, and the fennel’s feathers are tickling the kale.

There is also a complicated inventory of tomatoes.  Another time.


4 thoughts on “Favas, and May Flowers

  1. So many of my fave things in your garden! I’m on a mission to mainstream fennel: so good!

    I just read a Mark Bittman article in the NYT about fava bean puree for breakfast. Favas, I must admit, are something I’ve never tried. But you and MB, and the farmers’ markets starting next week, are the kick in the pants I needed. Thanks!

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