Bulgur, kale, bacon, olives

Dad patterned this after a recipe I didn’t see, in the new Alice Waters cookbook.  I think the bulgur (mixed with red rice) was a swap for some sort of pasta, inserted into a winning combination of naked ingredients: lacinato kale, (turkey) bacon, olives, garlic and onion.  Amazing.  I inhaled three helpings under shavings of pecorino romano.

There wasn’t any left over after someone took a third serving, so I made this again for workweek lunches, with lentils and brown rice swapped again for the bulgur…. and chicken sausage for the turkey bacon.  Straying farther and farther from the original affinity of bacon-garlic-kale, but still in good company, in a place where ingredients assert their authentic flavors…. anticipating tomorrow’s lunch break is almost like wanting to go to work.  😉


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