Pizza Polenta

This one was a grand slam for the cleanout:  finally finished up some year-old polenta meal; the last few marinated artichoke hearts from an enormous Costco bottle; and remnants from several jars of different kinds of sun-dried tomatoes, long lost in corners of the refrigerator.

Simple approach: cook the polenta in milk; spread it over parchment on a big baking sheet.  Layer with mozzarella (and a dusting of “June 2009” parmesan from the freezer) and a tapenade of the tomatoes (with some black olivers, and crushed red pepper), then the chokes.

Broil, then basil for color.

Things came full circle on this one: I bought the polenta a year ago, for pizza–I like to use corn meal to dust the stone or pan for a wheat crust.  That use consumed about 1% of the bag of polenta.  From dust to crust–this one got its star turn and a ticket out the door!

This was 11 of 12 for PD.  #12 came an hour later and not a minute too soon, with a yogurt tart on a ginger crust.  Pantry Detox 2010 accomplished!


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