White Miso and Red Curry Roast Kabocha

Super Natural Everday (Heidi Swanson)

Last month, we finally met her.

We stood in line for the better part of an hour– not because it was a very long queue (we came late to the book signing and only a dozen or so fans were still left) but because she was so personable and attentive to each and every stranger.  Heidi Swanson, it turns out, is terrifically nice on top of it all.

When my turn finally came I pressed my book into her hands.  “I’m such a big fan,” I said.  “I’ve been following since Shiso Meyer Lemon Edamame Salad in early 2006.”

“That was a good one,” she smiled.

I said thank you and goodbye and let Magali move up to greet our hero.  For the rest of the trip I carried the cookbook in my backpack and flipped to it on long BART rides, before bed, at the airport gate.  Everything caught my eye.

The one that seemed to speak to me most was the roast squash.  I don’t know why.  Heidi calls for delicata but I saw some local kabocha at Daiei and made the swap.

I’ve made it four times in four weeks…because it’s easy, and delicious, and vitamin blasted.  The finer points of the recipe are in the book but the gist is to toss squash and extra-firm tofu with red curry paste, white miso, and olive oil, then roast in a hot oven.  While it cooks, you tear kale into bite-size pieces and then fold it in to the warm squash and tofu as it comes out of the oven, to wilt in the ambient heat. 

I like to finish mine with toasted walnuts, or chili pepper flakes, or lemon zest, as suggested in the recipe.

The kale du moment on Pacific Heights is redboor.


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