Broccoli Days of Summer

The high tide of summer is inching away: long days always a little less so. Avocados are dropping, pakalana is in bloom and currant tomatoes flow from the vine. Salmon is smoking in the grill.

Also appearing at the table: first-ever homegrown broccoli.  Not exactly a tropical summer crop, but there it was in the garden bed.  A splash of olive oil and a moment over the fire to char and sweeten.  Delicious.

Then the matter of those avos, and tomatoes, and Kahuku corn.  These last snapshots are from a dinner with Jean-Yves, Monica and Carole, a bright-skied early evening that finished with blueberry crumble.  The crumble was by Pia, who wasn’t there to eat it–like summer, she had tiptoed away.


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