Polenta Bar


Here are the delectable remains of last night’s polenta bar, which started as a big pot of polenta and a spread of spicy, smoky, salty, crunchy mix-ins, pulled only from the far corners of the fridge.

  • Chopped black olives in a puddle of oil
  • Roasted peppers, house-grown
  • A hill of caramelized onions
  • Lao Gan Ma chili sauce
  • Pole beans from the yard, flash-sauteed with fine grain salt and fresh dill and lemon zest
  • A little pesto, with the last of the basil and some toasted macadamia nuts
  • A soft goat cheese
  • And the bo ssam




3 thoughts on “Polenta Bar

  1. I think you’ve been over-using the word ‘amazeballs’ recently. But I do quite like the white condiment serving dish.

  2. Beautiful photos and a great blog overall! I like the grid layout of the site, looks very clean and modern!

    Just FYI I’ve added you to our blogroll at http://www.hawaiifoodbloggers.com! The goal is to create a central place where foodies in Hawaii can see new posts and discuss local foods. I look forward to sharing your future posts on our Facebook group and Twitter feed! Aloha!

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