Fruits of June (or, Black Mustard and Summer Catchup)

Ginger ice cubes.  Green is unfiltered, pink is after Chemex.  

My sister has a new habit of ferrying smoke meats from Kona.   Not complaining! Here, a homemade Portuguese sausage.


Another time, pipikaula from Manago’s, in an impromptu taco.  And her baked brie.


Then, from the vine and bough and orchid: the last of the little Blauschokker peas, and pale figs; Madre’s amazing triple dark chocolate.


A Fuschia Dunlop weeknight supper by Dad.  (With more smoked meats, these of sister’s own creation).


When life gives you lemons, make Thomas Keller’s preserved lemons. LemonsAnd when it’s radishes, the Food52 winner roasted radishes with black mustard.



And to finish, something sweet: Fenny’s cake for Father’s Day.


Happy Summer!


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